Boldness Intuition

Boldness – think, dream, believe

Boldness – think, dream, believe.

Reading a recent social media stream, I saw an opportunity to pursue a long-forgotten dream. I’d just finished an audiobook, The Secret[1]by Rhonda Byrne. I’d read the book some years ago and was giving it another listen. Sometimes, when we read something, the timing can be really significant and I had just been talking about manifesting the things we want in life, with a friend Sarah. I decided to revisit it because the practice of manifesting is referenced throughout this book and it’s also true that the more we read a book, the more it yields itself to us, as another friend illustrated to me recently.



Now whilst excited by the serendipity of this discovery, something instinctively told me that what I was getting into was nothing much more than a sophisticated sales strategy. My faith in my dream however, overtook me and I felt very strongly that I needed to seize more opportunities in life; just like in the book, The Secret, so I responded to my desire and the impulse.



At this point, I’d like you to think of your own burning desires and dreams rather than become intrigued by mine. In this way I will achieve my intention of sharing with you. Moreover, I believe we should share our dreams more readily and openly; we should declare our dreams boldly to the universe and believe faithfully that they will become reality. Not just our personal dreams but our dreams for our children, our friends the planet even. Imagine if we were a community of dreamers talking openly about what we want to achieve and supporting one another daily to realise that potential?  You see in this short episode of my life I have become acutely aware of something that I’ve always known about, and I have felt it in a very profound way; that is my intuition.



Four days later I was in London early and ready for the dream to begin. I arrived at the venue and sat at reception awaiting my turn. I had read the advanced information over and over again. The next two hours passed quickly but not at all as described in the brief. I quickly saw through the scam and felt crushed and embarrassed. I left dejected and feeling stupid.

At the train station I ordered a meal and a glass of wine and I began to reflect. Working my way through each separate aspect, I asked myself what I felt, and what if anything I could do about it? Did my disappointment with this experience mean that I was simply chasing a pipe dream, or could I learn from the it, apply that learning and use it to renew my commitment to pursue the dream further.



I tried to recognise and separate out the multiple feelings; what were they? I realised that they were that I felt stupid, gullible, ashamed, not good enough. These feelings immediately reminded me of an old and familiar feeling and the schoolboy event where it began. Leaving school at 16 in 1977, I received the customary reference from the head teacher. The first line began thus… “Brian is a boy of about average ability…”

Before long, lots of similar emotions were flooding in and I was feeling more and more rejected. My mind filled with self-judgemental commentary that I fed myself line by line. As the feelings escalated, I recognised the pattern and managed to take back control of my thoughts and feelings. This is a skill I learned from a book[2]by Sally Fisher. I practiced and developed this through attending and ultimately leading the ‘AIDS mastery workshop’[3], which Sally created out of her work with her mentor Dan Fauci, at the actors Institute in  New York during the 1980’s. I reminded myself about the Law of Attraction; that all thoughts turn into things eventually and negative thoughts about myself were not going to manifest my dream; quite the contrary. The law of attraction uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialise them into reality.



Universal law[4]states that, like each of you, I have the unique ability to think and believe whatever I choose to; this has been the most important learning of my life. Nothing about me is average, nothing about my ability, business acumen or achievement to date is average. What I know today is this: that the moments in my life that have deterred me the most and that have led me to doubt myself or to stop short of the achievement of my dreams are those where I have allowed that Head Teacher’s comments and all the other negative values and opinions that others have laid on me, to take hold.



I believe in my full potential and that of each and every person. I will begin again now. In my determination to succeed I make a commitment here today to share with you in another blog more on where this year takes me in pursuit of this dream. In taking the time to write this blog, I am bolstered from the learning of this little set back and spurred-on by a favourite quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it…

Whatever you believe you will be, you will be; whatever you believe will happen, will happen. Dare to dream. Be Bold. Be your potential.

Love and happiness Brian



[2]Life Mastery: Challenging Your Impostor, Embracing Your Genuine Self



Brian Quinn
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  • Dave Verburg
    Posted at 13:53h, 21 January Reply

    A great post Brian. Especially about how to get back on track when something doesn’t go our way. This is where a coach can be so important both in helping people identify whats important for them and then helping with developing a strategy for success.

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