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Creating Ease – A Reflection

Note where you are
For the longest time it seemed my days all started the same. My eyes would open and my stomach would churn as if being dragged deep into the mattress; the overwhelming feeling was dread! Fear and dread of grief, the anticipation of further loss, emptiness and the challenge to survive my life choices and circumstances, was how each day began.

Recognise the circumstances
Life’s drama, negativity and events kept me from my dreams and career-goals. Dreams and aspirations are by definition at some distance from our grasp, because they require certain conditions and qualities in order for us to realise and attain them. I realised that I had become so entrenched in my fate that I was no longer emotionally in touch with my dreams. I’d given up. In the space of three years my beloved mother, mother in law and 16-year canine-companion Ripley had died.

Let go
I realised that change requires both desire and action. It’s true that we can’t feel unbridled joy when we are full to the brim with grief and sadness. Ease is possible in life if we listen to our heart, express our emotions and release them. I also let go of that which no longer served me well; people, pettiness, the hate I sensed and experienced. Most of all was letting go of the familiar way I thought and behaved; the daily persona that we all adopt. I let go of the safety of familiarity and challenged myself to step into the void of the unfamiliar.

Seek inspiration
Many people inspired me and in particular John Kehoe in his book the Quantum Warrior. His life’s research into mind power and especially the connection with our universal and emotional vibration. Reflecting on my vibration in the universe and the experiences that I attracted as a result, made me value the the idea that the quality of my own thinking was in my power. This was fundamental in the pursuit of my goals and dreams to move home and live in a city apartment, continue my successful training company and become a professional coach. His Mind Power Exercises helped me immensely.

Be open minded
For the last four years I have filled my days and with learning, therapy, physical exercise and self-care. I have surrounded myself with friends and experts, reputable business people and entrepreneurs who serve my well-being.  I have accessed the support I needed to make the initial bold steps in facing my demons. I have accepted that I’m not yet the best version of me that I can be; there is so much more to come. There is a house in the northwest of England that now vibrates with a very different energy; the previous inhabitant has moved on and, he lives at a new address thinking about discovery and wonder, vibrating outside of his comfort zone and creating ease.

Give thanks
One of the daily rituals I have embraced is to start and end each day by acknowledging something that I’m grateful for; it’s supported my mental health and helped me realise how blessed I am. As 2018 approaches, I want to give thanks, to my beloved family and friends for loving and holding me, my clients whose trust in me has allowed me to grow, developed my potential and allowed me to listen with a quality that I hadn’t before. Thanks also to the great coaches and mentors, Eamonn O’Brien, John Haynes, Dave Verberg, John Drysdale, Suzanne Rose, Pavlina Kiakides, Tom Wellman, Paul Blott and many more; for your inspiration, belief in me, your support and encouragement has helped me with letting go of pain and creating ease in my life.

Brian Quinn
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